CiNet VP of Public Safety Lonny Wilder interviewed by ABC

Lonny Wilder, Vice President of CINet’s Public Safety Group interviewed by ABC Affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas-Forth Worth on the ISD’s inquiry for putting armed guards on every ISD Plano Campus. [youtube]

Questions Raised After Shoplifter Dies in Hands of Wal-Mart Security

Wal-Mart Death Begs for More Security Guard Training

The death of an alleged shoplifter in a Southern California Wal-Mart is still being investigated. After attempting to steal clothes and body wash on Friday, June 1, a man was chased down by security officers and restrained in the parking lot. As soon as police arrived, paramedics were called and the suspect was taken to [...]

School Shootings Show Renewed Demand for Campus Security Training

The Virginia Tech rampage left schools with no choice but to enhance safety protocol, yet more recent shootings show campus security is a never-ending endeavor.

Campus security professionals argue most college campuses and universities are better equipped to respond to active shooters and other threats in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre. Although many improvements were made to establish safer schools, two more shootings show the demand for better security campus training and foolproof mass notification systems still exists. [...]

Save and Protect Your Money Via Security Guard Training

To protect your business assets while saving money, utilize security guard training through online courses and customized curriculums.

Regardless of the industry, field, or nature of the business, we’re obligated to protect our assets and ensure that rules and procedures are being followed at all times. Many companies are turning to digital HD surveillance systems to monitor the workplace, but a team of skilled, reliable security guards will serve you better than the [...]

Chemical Plant Training for Security


Safety, security, and compliance are three of the biggest issues in chemical manufacturing. Each carries its own challenges, but each challenge also creates an opportunity. Like anything else, you learn from it and grow stronger, or you let it defeat you entirely. In a chemical plant, the latter has the potential to create devastating consequences. [...]

Public Safety Training

[youtube=]   Critical Information Network (CiNet) delivers performance-focused online training solutions that help emergency response personnel, public safety agencies and security firms save lives, protect critical infrastructure, improve workplace efficiency and manage critical risk threats. The comprehensive CiNet public safety portfolio has been serving the first responder community for almost twenty five years, with trusted [...]